My CCNA Journey

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I first discovered what Cisco was after attending my first Cisco courses at my local community college. Im not going to lie it was very intimidating and I struggled a-lot. I eventually managed to catch on and after finishing the 4 Cisco courses I needed for my degree . I received a 50% off voucher from Cisco but unfortunately I let self doubt get the test of me and I never actually even attempted the exam. Do I regret it? No. I believe I would not be the person I am today without going through these experiences . I graduated and managed to land a job on the Help Desk . After some time though I felt like I wanted something more . I had worked a-lot on the Cisco equipment and came to realize networking was something I really wanted to pursue. I figured the CCNA would be my ticket to doing something more with my life and so I ordered the book. Did I start studying as soon as I got the book? NOPE! I let the self doubt still get to me. I ordered the book in December and didn’t start studying till the following September. Do not let self doubt dictate what you do with your life . You can accomplish anything that you want to in this world. After finally gathering the courage to start to study in September I attempted the ICND1 in November and PASSED!!!Thats when I knew I could become CCNA certified. I managed to beat Certpocalypse and become CCNA certified in February! The drive to get to the testing center was 6 hours away so I had to make sure I passed that haha. When taking the ICND2 I did not receive a score like I had when I had taken the ICND1 so I was already planning my retake for the following week. When I went to pick up my score report thats when I noticed I had passed and I could not believe it! I ran out of there and just couldn’t believe it . I still had to drive another 3 hours home but it was worth every second.

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